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Open a new HI delegation

The franchise with the status of delegation.

Building together the logistics feature.

In the current reality the new technology and online shopping have created a new market need for improved planned logistics and transportation services.

Over the years we have developed a know how logistic knowledge which we share with our delegations so they can continue their own business model based on the solid HI Logistics one.

A delegation supported by the headquarters office

Within/In our delegation expansion project we focus on the support and attention that is given to our new teams, providing them with solutions at their start points, during and after the development period working as a team

Communication and Marketing

The support for each delegation includes an own web space in the main corporative page, specific publications in the social media, launching commercial campaign and additional management of SEO/SEM advertisement to increase its visibility.

Each delegation receives the Digital Communication Manual, to give it the needed support during the first couple of months and secure the growth of the business.

Client satisfaction

Providing a quality services alongside with the personal attention are some of the most important characteristics of the HI Logistics employees, and are those the initial points of the work methodology/practice that we share with our delegation teams.

A well done service and personal attention gives the client a feel of satisfaction and in return he/she is much more willing to recommend the services of HI Logistics.


What are the requirements to open a new HI Logistics delegation?

Keeping in mind that our intentions are to work always with the best in the industry, we recommend you to fill out a short questionnaire, which you can access from our main web page. It’s made to evaluate the experience and ability of the candidate to adapt and accept the high quality of services that we offer to each and every one of our clients, without collecting any economic related personal information.

What services does the entrance fee covers?

The entrance fee gives you the “ right “ of using the brand HI LOGISTICS fallowing the regulations established by the company, although there is another entire group of services that are covered by the entrance fee and included in the preliminary contract, which terms and conditions are redefined separately with each delegation. For more information CONTACT US.

Does paying the entrance fee guarantees me an initial business volume?

Taking in account the wide national service system we have at the current moment, this opportunity truly exists. It’s clear that it depends on the geographic location and if we already have build a logistic line in there. If this is the case, the transfer of such line and the surrogacy will not be carried out automatically, but communicated and negotiated with the interested party before firming the final delegation contract or as an additional clause in later time.

Can I promote additional services, which are not part of the HI LOGISTICS package?

Our personal understanding is that the logistics field has wide implementation possibilities, for witch the delegator can offer additional logistic services, preapproved by the brand, always when the high quality and personalized attention can be guaranteed

Does the company offers an introduction or a training for the new delegations ?

HI LOGISTICS offers two levels of formation, initial one during 3 days in the central office in Valencia, fallowed by a continuos “ for life” consultations during the life of the delegation, constructed to support its development proces. In HI LOGISTICS we never stop learning.

What Kind of ERP system is needed for the daily management?

From the moment of opening its doors each delegation implements our own ERP, which was created, programmed, and adopted to cover the company specific needs related to traffic monitoring, tracking, and file management. The same will be installed to all the technical units of the delegations, which will results in initial saving costs. For safety reasons and to protect its data, the company does not allow the implementation of any additional programs or the change of the authorized one

Would I receive any brand support with marketing and communication services?

HI Logistics likes to stay engaged from the first moment of every delegation, trough its marketing communication or expansion department. A unified brand image is distributed as a foundation alongside with a business portfolio, main interior design of each location, and digital marketing communication. Further during its development the delegation could choose services that are a better fit for its commercial needs and the central office will respond and fulfill its obligations.

Do you want to open a delegation and receive additional information about HI Logistics?

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