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  • The field of weight it’s obligatory and needs to be marked in kg.
  • The cost of the shipment can change based on the overall bulk size, for that we suggest all the measurements are entered in centimeters.
  • You can calculate up to five different sizes at the same time using the option add additional load.
  • * For international services outside Spain , Melilla , Canary, please consult online prices by e-mail.

Do you ship on a regular bases? This can be interesting for you.


Take advantage of our multiple shipment packs.

Packs of 10, 20, or 30 shipments

If you have repeating shipments we have prepared discounts packs that can be used in the time you need them. Take advantage and save more.

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If you have launched your E-commerce or own business...

You can use those benefits in multiple services


Storage, package and transportation


Custom plan and rates


Personalized attention and management

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Para envíos urbanos, mobilidad urbana 😉

En HI Logistics apostamos por una mobilidad urbana en los centros de nuestras ciudades.

En pro de un transporte más sostenible, silencioso y saludable para todos. Porque también es nuestra obligación reducir la contaminación; acústica, ambiental, o del tipo que sea.


Una flota adaptada a lo que nos pide a gritos el planeta.

Es la suma de muchas decisiones individuales las que nos benefician como colectivo. En HI hemos decidido que todos nuestros vehículos nuevos sean propulsados por gas natural, porque ser responsables también nos alude a nosotros.

Somos Compromiso.

Are you in a process of moving? It’s your lucky day.

Ask our HI’ers team to load and transport anything you need to anywhere you need it.


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