HI Logistics


We are Hi’ers

Our main goal: helping you.

Ser Hi’er, una manera de hacer las cosas

Professional and Efficient

Being efficient is not the same as doing things in a hurry. An efficient
result is achieved by good team collaboration,
flexible and professional practices, constructive critics, and in HI we have that very clear.
Our work related processes are planned engaging the whole team and that secures us a higher
overall work satisfaction

Close and available

We work with all kind of companies and individual businesses, but at the end who we work for are the people behind all of those. Trust us, and know that there is always one HI’er that will be there when you need us

Personal attention Hi’er and commitment

We are committed to minimize our environmental footprint, implementing new technologies, sustainable transportation options, and navigating all the logistics curves, but over all we are dedicated to the needs of our clients. The biggest assets we have are the people that form the HI team. We share simple common believe – client relationships are the main important base in our business, for that we offer high personal attention to each one of you

"Efficient logistics is not just a simple slogan. It is the possibility to offer you all the logistics services that you need, efficiently and with the highest commercial attention."

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The history of HI is the history of our team

After years of experience in the logistic sector Mario Amo and Javier Medina started Hi Logistics in a small office/work space in the center of Valencia. The idea behind/ the main goal is to offer a quality pack and ship services that covers the needs of local private clients and businesses

Just two years after, the initial office becomes insufficient and the company moves to a new central location, with bigger capacity of storage and ability to improve clients services.

HI Logistics continues with its expansion, opening the doors of the first franchise. At the same time it lunches its sustainable transportation project renovating the entire vehicle base with one that is electrical or gas.

Staying focused on its goals, the company starts to expand, offering to the market innovative integral logistic solutions, intensively capturing the attention of new typology of clients.

Year of drastic growth, initiated by the entrance of new investors with strong financial, technological and law / legal background. Expansion of this size requires new installations and the Polygon in El Mollons, Alaquas.

A year of stable, intensive, growth. The company keeps expanding, withstanding the months of quarantine, focusing on the national plan of franchises.

Proud to practice efficient logistics

We are professionals in the logistics field. Storage, package and transportation; whatever, wherever, using all the necessary resources.

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